An Introduction to the Stakeholders Hub

About the Stakeholders Hub

The SAMRO Foundation Stakeholder Hub is one of the initiatives aimed at consolidating SAMRO’s commitment to institutional development in the arts. The purpose of the Hub is to create a nurturing environment for both small/emerging arts organizations and established arts organizations, helping to strengthen the South African music industry and more broadly the cultural institution landscape. This is accomplished by providing advice, strategic guidance, and governance to developing organizations. Specifically, the Hub offers low-cost or subsidized office space and institutional and organisational development support.

The physical co-location of arts groups focused on organizational develop­ment, the shared resources, the intensive technical assistance over a multi-year period, the emphasis on collaboration, and the professional business environment provide these arts organizations with a catalyst for creative and administrative growth. By locating in a professional office space, rather than in private homes or other makeshift arrangements, Board of Directors and members have a consistent location to meet and greater opportunities to contribute to their organizations.

Start-ups and emerging arts organisations are incubated within affordable and flexible spaces on individually structured tenancies that are linked to clear deliverables and project outcomes. For more mature organisations and companies, the SAMRO Foundation Stakeholder Hub provides the chance to hone management and artistic skills with the eventual goal of operating from their own premises—either the SAMRO market related rental premises or others.

History of the Stakeholders Hub

In 2006, SAMRO Foundation became involved with the MOSHITO Music Conference and Exhibition. Mr Nicholas Motsatse,the Founder and Chairman of Moshito at the time, recruited the writer Andre Le Roux to assist with international benchmark studies, with the goal of establishing the Association of Independent Record Companies of South Africa (AIRCO) and the South African Music Export Council (SAMEX), similar to organisations which existed in other countries.

These activities grew to provide support to fledgling music industry bodies where SAMRO, through the SAMRO Foundation, assisted with initial seed funding for a select range of organisations and assisted with meeting management, company registration, governance and varied levels of support to these bodies. The level and kind of support as well as seed funding has differed from organisation to organisation, depending on the needs at the time.

In 2011, the name Stakeholder Hub was officially adopted, and the responsibilities of the Hub were consolidated by a more specific strategic plan

What the Stakeholders Hub Provides
Support for participating organizations varies greatly depending on the specific needs of each organization. In general, these are the services we provide:
Facilities and Equipment:

The SAMRO Foundation Stakeholder Hub is located at 4th floor SAMRO Place, 20 De Korte Street, Braamfontein. Each hub resident is provided with either furnished office space or access to a complete workstation, a private phone line and voice mail; internet and Wi-Fi. Participants are also given access to boardroom and conference rooms, kitchens, and our collection of arts industry research materials.

Administrative and Secretariat Support
Coordination and support for board and organisational meetings
General administrative support
Technical and Organisational Development Support

The Stakeholder Hub will periodically provide business forums and workshops in key management areas including: corporate structure, financing, fundraising, marketing, program development, legal, personnel and strategic planning. These workshops are open not only to organisations who are members of the HUB, but also to the members that they represent, including writers, musicians, composers, visual artists, arts administrators, educators, board members, and other interested parties.

Participation and Admission


Potential stakeholder hub participants go through a screening and applica­tion process. Stakeholders need to reflect on their organisational and programme development; and the spatial requirements to enable the organisation to reach their goals.

Eligible organisations need to submit an application which includes:

  • An NPO/PBO certificate and be fully compliant with South African labour laws and requirements.

  • A tax clearance certificate, BEE certificate (if applicable) and proof of bank account

  • Minutes from the last board meeting including annual financials

  • Motivational letter on why they need support from the stakeholder hub, including a reflect on their organisational development, strategies and plans for the next three years
The primary criteria for inclusion in the program are:
  • Commitment to cultural and creative industry development
  • Commitment to corporate governance development
  • Corporate reputation and good standing
  • Commitment to organisational developmen
  • Commitment to institutional leadership development in the arts
  • Commitment to organisational independence

The following organisations are currently involved with the SAMRO Foundation Stakeholder Hub as members: