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How do I acquire sheet music from the archive?

Please email sheetmusic@samro.org.za or phone +27 (0) 11 712 8416.

What can I find in the archive?

The archive is made up of scores, biographies, audio, books and photographs pertaining to South African music and musicians over the past century. We also have articles and books relating to the South African music industry.

Does SAMRO Foundation commission new original music?

We do commission new original works by South African composers to contribute to our archive. Commissions are considered and selected three times a year during SAMRO Foundation Board meetings in March, July and November.

South African composers are required to submit a request for commissions form to Mr Evans Netshivhambe on evans.netshivhambe@samro.org.za. Evans can be contacted by the aforementioned email address or by telephone at 011 712 8417.

What is the stakeholder hub?

The Stakeholder Hub aims to consolidate SAMRO’s commitment to institutional development in the arts. The purpose of the Hub is to create a nurturing environment for both small/emerging arts organizations and established arts organizations, helping to strengthen the South African music industry and more broadly the cultural institution landscape

Who qualifies for the stakeholder hub?

All arts organisations that have a good financial and governance record for over five years.

Who qualifies for University bursaries?

The SAMRO Foundation accepts applications from:

  • full-time students,
  • registered at a South African University, in their
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, or honours, or masters degrees, who are
  • citizens of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho or Swaziland, who are
  • studying for a degree or diploma majoring in music.
How do I apply for a bursary?

The online application form are available here.​

Do the music bursaries fund sound engineering courses/ students registered at private higher education institutions?

Regrettably the SAMRO Foundation is not presently in a position to award bursaries to:

  • students from private higher education institutions;
  • university students in their 1st year of study;
  • students in foundation or bridging programmes.
What is the closing date for bursary applications?

Our closing date for bursaries is at 17:00 on Friday, 31 March 2017. No applications will be accepted after this time.

Can I use the bursary award to pay for registration or accommodation fees?

Successful bursaries will only be allocated towards tuition fees. They will not be usable for registration or accommodation costs.

What documents do I need to prepare for my application?

You will need to prepare digital copies of the following:

  • Your ID Document
  • Proof of 2017 registration at University
  • 2015 Examination results (university transcript)
  • 2 Letters of reference (not older than 3 months)

Masters & Doctoral students are also required to submit a synopsis of their thesis/ dissertation (minimum of 5 pages maximum of 8 A4-pages)

When can I expect feedback on whether or not my application has been successful?

The verification and adjudication of all applications will take about two months. An independent adjudication panel will assess all the applications. The decisions of the independent adjudication panel will be final, subject only to confirmation by SAMRO Foundation’s Board. The Heads of Department will be informed by the end of May.

Should my application be successful, will the money be paid directly into my account?

Awarded bursaries will be communicated to the relevant Heads of Department and paid directly to the relevant universities.

Where does Concerts SA operate?

The venue and school circuits are active in three provinces: Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, while the Mobility Fund supports tours across all South African provinces and SADC countries. The exchange programme with Norway is currently focused on professional development and not artistic exchange.

What kind of support do Concerts SA partner venues and promoters receive?

Concerts SA’s funding support to its partners is based on a subsidy model which includes support towards technical hire, publicity and promotion, supplementing musicians’ fees, transport costs, and co-ordination fees.

How does Concerts SA select its partners?

Through a process of research as well as consultation with key role players in the industry and the Concerts SA Advisory Panel, the final selection of supported projects is made by the Concerts SA Project Team. This selection is based on the track record of the professionals involved, quality of the proposal, and its alignment with the programme’s overall objectives.

As an artist, how can I take part in Concerts SA supported activities?

Artists are encouraged to contact our partner venues and promoters directly for inclusion in the local and provincial circuit programme (click here for the partner list). Partners in turn submit proposals to the Concerts SA Project Team. The selection of artists performing at Concerts SA subsidised events is collectively made through consultation between venues, promoters and the Project Team, with the weighting of selection balanced in favour of venue owners who know their clientele.

If I am planning to do a tour, how can Concerts SA support me?

Music professionals based in South Africa are welcome to submit applications directly to Concerts SA for the Music Mobility Fund, a fund for national and regional (SADC) touring. Applications are to be submitted only in response to a callout by Concerts SA in the media. Concerts SA does not support tours which take place outside of the SADC region.

How do I apply to the SAMRO Foundation?

If you feel that your efforts work within the projects below and you wish to apply for support please send a brief email describing your aims, your efforts and your budget needs to samrofoundation@samro.org.za

The SAMRO Foundation is presently running the following programmes:

Music Education

SAMRO Music Archive

Stakeholder Hub

  • Business Accelerator

Concerts SA (Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy)

  • Venue support programme
  • Schools Circuit
  • Mobility funding

The SAMRO Foundation rarely, if ever supports proposals for the following:

  • Travel & accommodation costs for competitions, conferences, conventions, talent shows, festivals, auditions and master-classes.
  • Government schools & institutions
  • Religious institutions
  • Fundraising events or donation requests
  • Once off events
  • Projects that benefit Individuals
  • Projects lacking clear planning, no track record or no guarantee of support from other sources
  • Production or publishing costs of CDs, DVDs, films, documentaries, and books
  • SAMRO (NPC) presentations and workshops at events