About the Samro Foundation

Aims and background


The SAMRO Foundation (NPC) is an independently registered not-for-profit company that manages the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and music education programmes of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) Group.

It has an independent board of directors and subcribes to the highest principles of corporate governance. In addition to managing SAMRO’s CSI responsibilities, the SAMRO Foundation has developed a range of local and international partnership projects and programmes.

Prior to the formation of the SAMRO Foundation in 2012, its forerunner – the SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts (SENA) – had already established a proud legacy of investing in the value of music and supporting the arts in Southern Africa since 1962, a year after SAMRO was founded.

Over the course of more than half a century, SAMRO has invested more than R100-million in supporting and nourishing the South African cultural landscape through bursaries, scholarships, commissions, the preservation of music heritage and other industry enrichment projects. This makes SAMRO one of the oldest, most consistent and most generous corporate funders of the arts in general, and of music in particular. Given its status as the largest music rights organisation in Africa, with some 12 000 music creators and publishers as members, SAMRO is also an active and vigorous participant in the country’s broader cultural life. Through the SAMRO Foundation, the organisation maintains an influential presence in areas ranging from arts advocacy and cultural policy matters to legislation involving the protection of intellectual property and the creative economy, in South Africa and across the continent.

AIMS & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the SAMRO Foundation are to

  • promote the national arts through sponsorships of various kinds,
  • encourage excellence in the arts through education,
  • facilitate economic participation in the creative economy,
  • influence cultural and arts policy by means of research and advocacy, and
  • to promote living cultural heritage.

Overview: Our programmes

The SAMRO Foundation is involved in outreach programmes and sponsorship of the arts to create and maintain an environment in which the arts in South Africa may flourish. This includes giving broad support to composers, musicians, and arts organizations in South Africa.

Through our Flagship Projects the Foundation offers some of the largest scholarships and bursaries for music students in the country. Our Overseas Scholarships and Legacy Projects have helped boost the careers of many well-known performers.

Through our Stakeholder Hub we build relationships with other arts organizations and help incubate their growing businesses. The SAMRO Foundation has undergone a lot of growth recently, and we will always stay true to our vision of investing in the value of music. Concerts SA encourages performance of music throughout the region by offering mobility funding and supporting grants for concerts.

The Archive is home to over 64 000 scores of music by Southern African artists as well as audio, photographs, research and biographies gathered over the past century. The archive is constantly growing and SAMRO Foundation encourages this by commissioning new original music.